Story of Terry's hospitalization and recovery from CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)

Subject: at least i have a big heart

Hi all, some may have heard about this, but this is the easiest way i know to get the word out.

Went to my property in Benton (near Bishop) on the 13 to see friends and talke to the driller of wells. the driller dint show, and i left several messages. talked to another driller, he sounds like he really knows what he is doing, has a rotary rig, knows about sand screens, custom fits to the strata. the original guy doesnt have a liscense, and the locals know him as a flake, one neighbor had to have a well redone at great expense.

i was feeling punk when we were out there, and dint get much sleep because I couldnt breath correctly. my battery went dead on mon aft, sucked dry by an inverter, i thot, and after getting a jump tues morn it became obvious it was not charging. so i packed up and headed to bishop, the charge was ok, but i felt poorly and had another bad night at Marks, so I headed to the er, and they slammed me into bed and told me I have congestive heart failure, meaning fluid buildup in lungs from the heart pumping too hard.And chest xray showed that my heart was enlarged.

Soooo, I spent a night in the hospital (my first ever) with tubes and oxygen poking out being poked regularly by vampires and resperatory therapists. Not much fun. finally go t the ok to leave thurs, headed off motelled it in walker (toiabe motel is great. ) and then up to carson pass where my alternator failed. Then the AAA tow down to jackson with the driver telling all kinds of great stories, me too. To find the part not available till morn, stayed with friends in Pioneer (old neighbors) and then to jackson in the morn saturday, to find the new part defective, and no possibility of a delivery until tuesday. I called Kailen and he rescued me from Palo Alto, finally back to sonoma county sat night. Now I face doctors, prodding and testing and all. i did lose 10 lbs of fluid overnight, so i feel much better, but now have to watch my sodium carefully, exercise, diet and get better.

so it goes. T


Now in the throes of modern heart testing whicch includes stress test, (no treadmill, they do it with chemicals), gamma ray imaging of circulatory system, Echoccardiagram (I could see my heeart valves working and the heart pumping) and innumeerable ekgs, one which i am wearing as I type. Will know Friday what is the cause of it all. Lost 10 lbs already and am on the way back to health.


Now 9 years later, Im hanging in there, taking heart tissue building drugs, and still active, working out and trying to lose weight. Its not slowing me down, so I feel lucky, not affected very much at all. Got a pacemaker in 2003 to raise my heart rate and make the drugs more effective. My ejection fraction left ventical hovers in low 40% range which is ok. Ill live to a ripe old age. Especially with Judy supporting me.

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