Driveabout 8/98

I'm writing this account of my latest adventure, a driveabout to Santa Barbara, the east side of the Sierra and Saline valley in hypertext format. There is a brief introduction, without much detail, If you want to read more, you can click on the words "read more" or some such, and get deeper into my words. If you get bored reading one thing, skim to the bottom and return to the main text. I plan to have 3 levels and possibly more, check it out and enjoy!! Photos are linked by word "Picture"

pax T.


Day 1 8/6

Drive to Santa Barbara in rice rocket after installing new plug wires, changing the oil and plugs. Kk drives from San Juan Bautista, averaging 68 mph. we make the entire trip in 6 hours, 15 minutes. Walk from Cathy's to down town flamenco dance concert in the Courthouse sunken garden, and party and reune with them, wine, flamenco guitars, song and dance. Home to the bungalow to sleepy kids and party till late.

Day 2 8/7

C. and I head out early, she running and me biking to the beach and back. Head out for 5 dance performances, the kids dancing spanish and flamenco. I go to volvo place to get rear light replaced, C. backed into someone last night, and doesn't want to be a beacon for the cops. Run into Frank, C.'s ex and he wants to hire kk to run his network, we head into SB central to restaurant and kids dance while we slurp margaritas and chow down on fish. Watch the big parade on central street. We push up crowded alley to another stage and another performance, partys going everywhere. KK takes off to find his friends, I stick with Cathy and we go to our lady of Guadalupe, real mexican town and eat mex stew and watch ks dance. Home to sleep, party down in back yard.

Day 3 8/8

More performances: first at a Kawanis bkfst and Claire hurts her foot, dances anyway at same stage downtown, and really hurts. I find party at Papagallo and then to final concert at sunken garden.

Day 4 8/9

Sleep in , and to bbq and party with the dance troupe, return to hose kids off, and have a waterfight with C. quick dinner and off to the movies to see Zorro.

Day 5 8/10

C and I take a long run/bike ride way up in the hills overlooking the city, and to mission and home. Meet Tom Dibblee on the street and have a great conversation. I work on car, get cap and rotor installed, and work on cathy's computer to try to connect her to the internet, no luck. do email at her office. To mesa beach with the kids and dog, great mellow place, clothes optional, swim with dolphins and play with kids in the waves. Salmon bbq at night, and party with martins.

day 6 8/11

Bkfst with mark temmer, and visit with him and cathy, more work on computer and internet to no avail. Kids go to Franks, C. and I head to the beach with mellow accouterments, stake a claim in the sand and play in the waves, loving the sun, sand and warmth. We talk and laugh and laugh having a great time, then walk down the beach to the sunset, and go crazy over polymict conglomerates. Return in dark to burritos and wine in the back yard, watching the moon rise, swapping stories and getting very mellow.

day 7 8/12

Up late and finish tinkering with the car. Kids come back, and we go to lunch at a great mexican place and say fond farewells, and I head out. To Patagonia outlet, Real cheap sports, get cap. shirt and fleece sox, great conversation with guy at the counter about humbolt state and gary...Up Santa Anita valley, buy peanuts $1.29/lb at mexican market, see major accident, out on I5 to cross road to Lancaster and breakfast for dinner in Mohave, get vehicle fluids, head to dusk. Looking for a camp, I find blm land nw of red rocks state park and a great place to camp with views to kill.

day 8 8/13

Drive to Ridgecrest, call supersaw (Jim Leonard) and get Sam's number, call her to no avail. Head to Major Toms, he is in Santa Barbara, and enter to use his phone and mellow out in cool house. More calls to Sam, leave cellphone number, then head out toJim's and visit for an hour. then hit the road north. Sam calls as I pass Johan's driveway on the cell phone, and I drive back down to her place and we start partying, beer, cool tub, great music, mac computer, and I decide to stay the night. She goes to move some explosives (her job), and I rest and do email. Hot, thumpers on the horizon, she returns and we start drinking heavily, getting tri-tip ready for bbq, take a walk with the dogs, touring the houses abandoned and for sale on the upper fan. We return to do a water run in her tank truck, and she brings tequila and we both get very messed up. We return after a great interaction at the watering hole with some locals, and chow down on tritip and merlot. she sits in her boat, and i give her a ride in her sled., we sit on the roof and watch the lightening all around. Sleep fitfully in heat and poor fan.

day 9 8/14

Sam leaves early for work, to transport more explosives. I plan to head out, but am wasted, so after doing email and soaking a few times, I sleep, Sam is feeling really bad, comes home at noon, and calls in sick, so we rest and recover, and plan to eat with Major Tom at night, and I'll head off tomorrow for Darwin. We do tour of town, visit her ageing father, and head out to Johan's and swim in fantastic pool with sculptured rockwork all around, and tour major hedonistic house, where Septemberfest will be, major party. We return, rest and then off to Maj toms for dinner. Carolyn is there, and Tom comes in from Santa Barbara later, and we party, plan to go camping tmw, sam is headed for Santa Barbara.

DAy 10 8/15

Hang out with Sam, and pack and get things ready for camping. She bids fond farewell, and heads off, I go to Maj. tom's and he packs his new dodge diesel truck for a trip to the hills. We head north and visit Darwin, finding the Reeces and some new beer they have made and Brad Loop in his trailer. Then off to the high country, 4wd with rice rocket up to cerussite mine cabin, and a great side trip to ridge overlooking saline valley, finding great minerals. Another tritip dinner, and early sleep,Tom plying me for another tequila fest, but I don't bite.

Day 11. 8/16

Pack and off early drive down San Lucas cyn with great folds and up to Cerro Gordo. Visit folks there and check out the mine and buildings, great b+b. Then down hill to Keeler, and T+C take off for home. I find Elayne and her candle factory, have a good visit, meet Skip, and look for Jim Macey, found his place but not him. Head for Darwin, find Kathy Goss, and we have a great conversation and read poetry and party with the Reeces finish the beer, then to Gordon Newalls sculpture gallery and visit with him. Back to dance hall, and visit with Brad and other locals, have a great potluck with my killer chili and sleep the sleep of the dead in Jim's king bed.

Day 12 8/17

Up early and ride with Dave up to some favorite rocks in his racing dune buggy, screaming across the desert. I clean and pack up at the dance hall, then find Dave.. he gives me a tour and maps of available properties in Darwin, and I get enthused about buying a franconia type property here, "Poetic Justice" it will be called. Head for Lone pine, shop, and fish tuttle creek for several hours to no avail. Drive up to Whitney portal, and hike a mile or so up for the view and the exercise. Meet Madeline, real estate agent and get her perspective on Darwin properties. Head north to rendezvous with Carl Lawrence, and we have a good visit, me explaining my work at his mine up Bunker hill canyon, and he being frustrated with the wilderness designation. I head off into the gloming and hit the north pass road at dark, screaming along down the grade, slowing only for the grapefruit sized rocks, and find Steve and Maggie at Willow creek. We mellow out and he sets up a bed for me next to the pool and i sleep well.

DAy 13 8/18

Up with sun in trees and an Ibis searching the pool for food. I roll into the pool, cold, and make coffee with Steve, more long talks, and he makes burritos, and we mellow out and head for the springs in the rice rocket. It does great, and the ac keeps us cool until the upward grind. Lee is the only one at the springs, and the pool is a cool 95 degrees. I shower and soak, and sleep on the grass while Steve and Lee compare notes, the only two permanent residents of the valley. We get a key for the bunker hill gate, pay our respects to the upper springs with some major burro turds in it. Back to Willow creek and eat and nap at the pool, head off with the nasty oregon miners who head up south pass. I drive the rr to the bunker hill road, then pile into Steve's major truck, and we climb to the gate, where the key doesn't work. He returns, leaves my stuff in my car, and I pack in with a river bag, finding the cabin in great shape, with plenty of food, propane for the stove and water line working like a charm. I settle in, borrowing a beer, and hike the level ridge out to the middle of Lead canyon with a fantastic view of the valley and mountains at sunset, standing naked in the warm wind. Return to godka on the deck and a great potato-onion-turkey sautee for dinner. Sleep in the 4 poster great bed with mice nibbling all around.

Day 14 8/19

Up with the dawn, sun turning the mountains red, clean up, take record shots, dump in the electrified outhouse, and hike down the road, 1.5 hours to my car. Load up and head out the north pass. No problems with overheating, the outside temp is 76 at the pass. Head down into Deep springs valley to find Jonathan, the Oxford student mapping in poleta folds. Miraculously find him and his mom and aunt returning from the field, we have lunch at Westgard pass, check his maps, and give him some pointers, and am off. Up to the overlook and then the Bristlecone pine forest visitor center, good times with rangers there, and head down the Silver Canyon road, steep 4wd, major cliff-hanging road, then to White Mt. Research center to converse with young dude who noticed my Limmer boots, and had a Solo hat on. Not finding anyone else I know, I head to the Owens river and have a good time fishing to no avail. Then into town and Vons, call Mark and he is there,, and welcomes me with beer and margaritii. We walk to dinner and turn down the Thai place, they are having a bad night, and munch salads and swill microbrews at Whiskey Creek. walk back and crash early.

Day 15 8/20

Up early to my coffee, then fresh berries for bkfst, then off to Schacht's for bread, gas up and off down the road. Fish Rush creek at the highway crossing, looking up at Dana couloir where Chris almost died. No fish, chp suggests I go near the lake, but I am off again, head to Buckeye Hot spring, and find nirvanah there in hot cave pool next to a cold stream. Down to Sonora pass road and over the top delayed by construction. Nap in high pines next to rustic cabins and rushing creek, then down the hill, across the valley to home, with Eileen waiting with a glass of wine for me.

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