Ruth Grover Wright Memorial

Friends and Family celebrate the passing of our Mom, Ruth on Tuesday, Oct 5, with this page and links. Send any memories, words, pictures that you have and we will post them here. The memorial service happened at 2:00 pm Nov. 12, Unitarian church, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts with reception afterwards. Over 300 people attended, and packed the church. We greeted many old friends; some I hadn't seen in 40 years.

New! Family-written Obituary


Images of Mom

Terry, Heather and Brian had a brief memorial service in Armstrong Redwoods, Guernville California on Oct. 11.

The sun filtered through the redwoods as we furtively avoided the park rangers who would reprimand us for grieving in the State Park.

Texts of emails received from family and friends:

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 18:14:15 -0700

Mom died this afternoon at about 6pm eastern time, we are all in touch and somewhat shocked, but it was expected and we know she is at peace at last. dad sounds good, the plans have been laid and we will know specifics about family gathering etc tomorrow. best to you all

Terry W.H. "Terry" Wright


Dear Terry, Carolyn, Tom and Cindy,

I am sending our deepest sympathy from all the cousins in Kentucky. Your mother, Ruth, was a wonderful and very active person.

We will have you all in our thoughts and prayers this coming week.


Karl, Jane, Steve and Mardie Lange

HI Terry,

I am feeling so sad and am just sitting in the sun in my garden. It is good that I have taken the day off because I have been able to think a little. I do have to teach tomorrow but am going to Boston with Hilary on Friday. We will be there for a couple days. Tom and family will be there for college tours and Cindy is coming down to be with Dad.

Let me know and Dad so we can make arrangements soon.

I wish you were closer. Talking and remembering Mom is the way I do feel a little better.

Talk to you soon. Love, Carolyn

Hi T....I am so sorry about your mom but I know how you must be feeling that she is no longer in pain and is finally resting nicely. I wish you and your family much strength in getting thru the next few days, years in a loss that is sometimes hard to understand. Blessings I will be talkin with you soon.....much love, Nancy Pardini

Dear Terry,

I can only imagine how your heart must ache at the loss of your mother. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you, and for your family. My love to Heather, Kailen and your dad.

Love, Lynn Ostling

Oh! I'm so sorry! Hang in there, man. Anything I can do? Let me know if you come East.

Duncan Talbot

Dear, dear cousins,

Thank you for letting me know about Ruth's death. Of course, I knew the news would come some day soon, but it still is a hard thing to accept. She was such an important person in so many peoples' lives, but first of all in yours. Thank goodness you all had a mother of such character and strength, and also one with such a loving and caring manner. No one has had a better mother than yours. I am sure of that.

Please let me know as plans for the service develop. I certainly would like to be there if at all possible

All of my love, and deepest sympathy to you all, and to your Dad,

Elaine Osborne

Dear Terry,

Thank you for e-mailing us with the news of Ruth's death. When we saw Carolyn in the summer she told us how very ill Ruth now was and how concerned she was for her future. Your news still managed to sadden us immensely. Ruth was so very special to everyone who knew her. I am very grateful to have had such a delightful cousin as a role model. My life would have been poorer without her. Not least of the blessings that her life brought were her children--I have always felt enriched through knowing all four of you.

I will be writing to Bill today. Carloyn told us how well and faithfully he was caring for Ruth after her fall in the spring. I do hope he is able to live past this sadness and enjoy more years of good life himself. much love,

Harriet and Chris Martin

Hi Terry

When I saw your "subject" I dreaded opening the mail. I guess you're right that it is best she is at peace. And at least you all had plenty of notice and times to be with her and say the things you would have wanted to say.

But I'm so sorry for your pain, which must be large. What a great person she was, and especially a great mother. She's one of my role models! My Dad has been gone now for almost 4 years, and my Mom for a year and a half, and I still feel them with me, including how they would have reacted to current events and my continuing mistakes and occasional triumphs. So that helps.

Know that you and the rest of the Wrights are in our thoughts, and keep us posted on service--we'll try to make it.

Love, Lyn Ballou

Oh Terry-

Thanks for your email today. I am so sad about your momma - and yes, finally she is free of her body that wasn't working for her. How are you doing?? I was going to call you, but here we are on email. Cindy callled me last night.Please know I am thinking of you alot, and know that the finality of losing Ruth, still has an impact, even though it was anticipated. What a wonderful woman and aunt, and for you the best mom ever, no?

I wanated to tell you about my visit with her on Monday, the day before she died. I went North Hill to visit both your parents. Met Bill at 1:00 anad had a fancy lunch with him in the dining room, then he took me over to see Ruth. He went off to his painting class in Wellesley, and I visited with Ruth in her room. She talked alot, and I could understand alot of what she was saying. It made sense, and the only problems was, as usual, here voice volume was very low.We made eye contct alot, and when I told her that Liza and Miguel just got engaged, she said oh neat. When I told her I went swimming a month ago in Sept. on the Whites Islands in the Penobscot Bay (you may know them) she said oh I know the Whites we have been there etc. She noticed my Berba ring, and I told her about it. She smiled several big smiles at me. It was very touching. I didn't want to say goodbye. I feel very grateful to have had this visit with her, where she really seemed to rally. Your Dad was very sweet and tender with her when he was moving her wheelchair, and asking her if she needed anything, and giving instruction to someone about her laundry etc.

I will miss her very much. She was a wonderful, loving aunt, and Paget and Lize comment on how present and attentive she always is when with you. We all have good memories of her being with us in Frog City last Oct. at a work weekend . She was right there, taking everything in , and holding individual conversations with everyone.

We are all with you, Terry--I look forward to seeing you when you are east for any memorial you do for he/ thanksgiving or whataever. Keep in touch. We will keep an eye on Bill from here as much as we can.

Love, Pam Walker

Dear Terry, Carolyn, Cindy, and Tom,

I'm so saddened by the passing of your Mom. We all saw it coming yet it doesn't prepare us for the loss we feel now that she is gone. To me, Ruth was a champion who I was so happy to have time with on those special weekends each Spring when she and Bill would stay with us in Rockport while they worked on White Wing. She was so supportive, caring and interested in Leelee's and my life in Maine. You knew her interest was genuine, her attention undivided. Ruth was a special lady who will linger in my memory for a long, long time to come.

Lots of love and heart felt thoughts from me Tim and Leelee Wright.

Dear Terry,

I recently heared about your mother's passing, and wanted to send you my words of sentiment. I know exactly how you must feel, as I,my self, have just gone through the sudden loss of my mother also. I am still doing a lot of deep healing and I wanted to tell you about a book that is helping me a lot: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rimposhe.

I wanted to go visit you when I found out, but Ruy and Bete were here from Brasil for 5 me and Brian are going to check out for the weekend. Maybe we can get together at some point. The one thing that kept me going in the first cuple of weeks was the acceptance of the mystery. In that,we must humble and keep our sanity. So much we could talk about at this time.... Feel my support with you, and try to see it aways for the gift that it is as we shift and change for the better as we care only for what really matters about live, good feelings, love, true friendship...

We love you,

Kendra & family